7th month in utero: he takes strength

7th month in utero: he takes strength

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At this stage, if your little one was born, he could live, benefiting of course from the care of very premature babies. His brain is developed enough to provide vital functions outside the womb. He also begins to have more precise sensations and his sleep is transformed.

Vital functions at the top

  • His brain is now sufficiently developed to keep vital systems functioning outside the uterus: it can, in fact, manage the respiratory rhythm, coordinate the contractions of the digestive tract and regulate body temperature.
  • Even if his lungs are not yet fully operational, the cells are sufficiently numerous.
  • At this stage, if your little one was born, he could live, benefiting of course from the care of very premature babies. It does not prevent that your baby is much better warm in your stomach for the remaining two months! It allows him to gain strength.

His senses begin to awake

  • During this 7th month, her eyelids open, her ears open:your future baby opens to the world or, in any case, what he can perceive from his uterine cave.
  • How exactly does your baby feel when, following his reflex movements, he touches his head or the cord or touches the placenta? It is certain that these "touch-key" games contribute to the maturation of his tactile system.
  • But if he begins to have more precise sensations, it will rather wait until next month for his young senses to enter more effectively. See you in the 8th month!

He sleeps and has a marmot look

  • During this 7th month, his sleep is transformed. Your baby acquires both restless sleep (the equivalent of paradoxical sleep or dream sleep in adults) and calm sleep (the equivalent of slow sleep). His face is animated by little mimicry, one guesses a movement of the eyes under the eyelids. Next month, these two sleepovers will alternate regularly as cycles, as in the newborn.
  • Side look, your baby is frankly hairy ! The lanugo, a fine down that protects him, has covered the whole of his body, except some areas like the soles of the feet or the hands. A layer of grease begins to take place under the skin, removing the creased appearance of the skin.

The video of his 7th month

Isabelle Gravillon with Dr. Philippe Kolf, sonographer, and Carolyn Granier-Deferre, CNRS researcher.

The eighth month in utero.


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