5 precautions to choose your sunglasses

5 precautions to choose your sunglasses

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Whatever the age of your child, the choice of a pair of solar is not done lightly. Here are the main points to check closely when buying his sunglasses.


  • Choose shapely, that is to say with glasses coming close to the face, in order to effectively block the UV. They must also fit well on the nose, without leaving any marks.


  • Do not take it too small but, on the contrary, cover well on the sides and up to the eyebrows, or even hiding them.

The glasses

  • They must be category 3 or 4 and carry the CE standard, which guarantees a UV protection. As a general rule, category 3 is suitable for strong sunshine and is sufficient.
  • Category 4, the most filtering, is recommended for extreme sunshine and reverberation, in mountain or boat ...
  • To know : UV treated lenses (marked E-SFP 50) are on the market. They do not provide any additional protection guarantee, according to the professionals we interviewed.


  • They must be large enough to stop the oblique rays. Impossible, therefore, to choose a pair of sunglasses without your child: he must necessarily try them!

The place of purchase

  • Beware of fantasy models sold in supermarkets and markets (which do not display the CE standard, and therefore do not filter UV)! Behind these tinted glasses, the pupil is more dilated than in full sun, because of the darkening: it is therefore more harmful for the eye to wear these bad protections than no protection at all!
  • To be sure to protect the best of your child's eyes, go to an optician!

Tips +

  • Whatever the age, clean the glasses regularly with warm water and liquid soap, then dry them with a microfibre cloth.
  • Do not use dishwashing liquid, screen cleaner, or alcohol, which may affect lens treatment.
  • Another solution, but which is more expensive: use a special liquid glasses, sold at opticians.

Sophie Cousin

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