10 funny animal brico-animals

10 funny animal brico-animals

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Keskon made today? We organize a fun DIY workshop around animals. Carton, camembert boxes, caps, rolls of toilet paper, felt ... these brico-funny ones found on Pinterest are made from nothing ... or almost!

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10 funny animals (10 photos)

Plastic is chic!

We make the caterpillar? These are made with simple plastic bottle caps. More info on Pinterest

Maya the Bee

Made with a roll of toilet paper, it will make the buzz in the toilet! More info on Pinterest


This kitten is very warm in his sock! A fun DIY that will recycle your old socks. More info on Pinterest

Greedy bear

The pie box is empty? Your elves will be happy to recycle! More info on Pinterest

Birds at night

These pretty birds are made of felt (the patterns are provided). More info on Pinterest

Butterflies fly!

Made with small ice sticks, decorative adhesive tapes and pipe cleaners ... they can be used as bookmarks. More info on Pinterest

It's the pompom!

With pompoms, we make little hedgehogs ... who do not sting, them! More info on Pinterest

Funny octopuses

Make pretty octopus with styrofoam balls, gouache and cardboard. More info on Pinterest

Prick the idea!

A plate of cardboard, a little paint, a pair of scissors ... and here is the hedgehog. More info on Pinterest

Heart Trump

Here is a paper cat that has heart! More info on Pinterest