Pregnant, what menu at Christmas Eve?

Pregnant, what menu at Christmas Eve?

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As we approach New Year's Eve, you are wondering what to put on your future mum's menu this year. No question of depriving you, but useless to abuse. Here is a menu and tips to please you without taking risks.


  • Tarama, lump eggs, caviar, smoked salmon ... Pregnant, forget all that is believed because of the risk of listeriosis. Smoked salmon is allowed only if it is fresh and pasteurized.
  • For foie gras, no ban, but avoid home-made preparations made with fresh foie gras. You can eat cooked foie gras in a sterilized vacuum jar.
  • We forget the oysters this year, but you can fall back on scallops in the pan. A delight! Permit too, crab, lobster and other shrimp ... well cooked.
  • Attention, no mayonnaise "house" to avoid the raw egg. Pot mayonnaise is allowed.
  • If you are not immune to toxoplasmosis, avoid truffles.
  • For kilos, beware of puffs that are usually too fat, vol-au-vent, a source of hidden calories and terrines or mousses, supposed to be light, full of cream.
  • Think of toasts and blinis of hummus, tapenade, caviar of abergines or salted macaroons.

Main course

  • If you are a fan of seafood, a rule in your state: Ban crustaceans and raw fish to avoid listeriosis! Do not, however, deprive yourself of a fish cooked in the oven. However, avoid those that may contain mercury or other toxic substances (swordfish, shark, tuna, marlin ...). Pregnant, it is better to consume white fish breeding (bass, sole, turbot ...).
  • Want meat? Game is not forbidden, but beware of the often indigestible sauces that accompany it and the stuffing that can contain charcuterie! The capon tempts you? Opt instead for turkey, much lighter. Beware of the stuffing that is usually raw. With chestnuts and potatoes traditionally served with the main dish, add green vegetables, essential for their fibers.
  • The white pudding? No problem, it consists of bread crumbs, milk, white meat, a little fat and seasoning.


  • Wait a few more months before tasting this vacherin so appetizing. Pregnant, no cheeses based on raw milk, soft (brie, camembert, munster ...). Avoid also blue like Roquefort.
  • Cheesy cheese, rest assured, you can enjoy with cheese cooked or pasteurized milk (gruyere, emmental, etorki, hot goat cheese on a bed of salad ...). For these, pay attention to the vinaigrette, a light hand is needed, especially with the oil (you can cut it with a little water to lighten it).


  • The frozen log is preferable to the pastry log, cooked in butter. Feel free to add fruit pieces, full of vitamins and fiber, and to chew a square of chocolate for fun!
  • For other cakes, be careful that there are no raw eggs in the recipe. No chocolate mousse either!

And the drink?

  • Champagne, pregnant is nietjust like wine and all other alcoholic beverages. Pregnant, the rule is 0 alcohol because it harms the development of your future baby. Drink water: flat or sparkling (perfect for digesting and relieving the nausea of ​​early pregnancy), it's up to you! Think also of fruit juice (no added sugar) and champagne ... for children.
  • If you like cocktails, there are many non-alcoholic recipes. Virgin Mary, Virgin Colada, Virgin Mojito ... what make the party more crazy, especially since they are also less caloric!
  • Good to know: sauces with alcohol in the dishes are safe as alcohol evaporates when cooked.

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