4 Christmas stories told by Pierre Richard

4 Christmas stories told by Pierre Richard

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Christmas is fast approaching ... It's time to tell your child beautiful Christmas tales. Here are 4 stories written by Stéphane Daniel and told in podcast by Pierre Richard.

Little Penguin

It's a cold penguin this December and Christmas is coming. Little Penguin is a little concerned because he learned that Christmas night, we had to put his shoes at the foot of the fireplace.

Quick, a story of pack ice.

Small snail

Christmas is coming. Small Snail painfully crosses his meadow to join his family. During his walk, he meets Petit Poulain, Little Rabbit and Little Swallow who gallop, hop and fly at the speed of lightning.

A travel story.

Little Marmot

This December evening, Santa Claus comes down the sledge. The boots planted in the powder, he read again smiling the letter sent to him by Little Marmot.

A wake up story

Little mouse

Pfff! Me, I've never seen Santa! said Little Mouse sadly. "Listen," said Little Rabbit to him, "tonight we'll try to see him, will you?"

A story of meeting.

All our evening stories.