Gourmet decorations

Gourmet decorations

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From December 1st to the 25th, you have one idea a day to accompany your children around Christmas. A nice way to put your heart into a party and calm impatience. Today, December 7: gourmet decor with royal icing.

From 4 years old

  • Make shortbreads that you cut in the shape of stars, Christmas balls, Christmas tree ... with cookie cutters, then decorate them like a chef with royal icing.
  • 1st step : roll up an egg white and add 300 g icing sugar and half a lemon juice.
  • 2nd step: spread the mixture in several cups and add a little food coloring in some. Mix and use these preparations to decorate your shortbread.
  • 3rd step: spoon for a uniform bottom, use a pastry bag or syringe for tracing, or place sugar pearls and other food items in the frosting before it dries.
  • A greedy deco activity to propose to your children.

See you tomorrow for a new idea!

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