Christmas tree decor: play recycle with your elves

Christmas tree decor: play recycle with your elves

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Decorate the tree ... an activity that kids love! This year, offer your elves an activity that is both creative and eco-friendly: make small decorations for the Christmas tree with recycling equipment. What a decor of the most original ...

Karine Ancelet

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Christmas tree decoration: play recycle with your elves (10 pics)

Rudolph, the Christmas reindeer and his friends

This year, Santa's reindeer have the right to take a break in the tree! A DIY with rolls of toilet paper that will tape your loulous! See the Pinterest DIY

We pinch for this idea

You do not know what to do with your old wooden clothespins (it also works with plastic ones), give them a new life and make stars in your Christmas tree! See the Pinterest DIY

Frosted fir

It's crazy what you can do with Eskimo sticks! Funny little fir trees for example, which you will then decorate together with small pompoms, shiny pipe cleaners, rhinestones or buttons before hanging them on the branches of the fir tree with a string. Thanks WHO ? See the Pinterest DIY

It's not nood this idea!

Pasta lying in the bottom of a box? Here is a DIY that will feed the creativity of your loulous! See the DIY video Pinterest

It's the pompon

Do you have any wool left? This idea is for you and your aspiring handymen. These little fir trees will keep warm to the real! And on the site that offers this tutorial DIY, you will also find many other cool ideas. See the Pinterest DIY

Snow stars ... paper

They are lovely these stars ... and so easy to do. Rolls of toilet paper, patterns in felt (or cardboard) and voila! See the Pinterest DIY

Push the plugs!

We no longer throw corks from today, we keep them to make original suspensions in the shape of a tree! It will be even more beautiful if your elves add a touch of paint. See the Pinterest DIY

Do we pin Santa Claus?

Which is the real one? We'll never know ... an easy DIY with ice cream sticks or popsicles. See the Pinterest DIY

An angel passes

A roll of toilet paper or empty paper towel? Make it a guardian angel for the tree! See the Pinterest DIY

What else?

Not sure that George Clooney is coming to New Year's Eve this year ... but the famous capsules they, yes! A funny idea that also has the advantage of making noise with its little bells (Santa Claus coming?). See the Pinterest DIY


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