How to answer all his questions?

How to answer all his questions?

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"Say, mom, why is he sleeping in the street the gentleman?" In front of the sometimes embarrassing questions of your child, do not be ... embarrassed. He is right to be curious!

Whether related to sexuality, poverty, war, or death ... children of this age are very good at asking questions about sensitive topics. You want to give a fair answer ... Your child, especially, expects it to be clear and frank.

The right ... to information

  • To leave him alone with his interrogations can destabilize him. As a parent, you have the responsibility to inform him. If you answer evasive questions too evasively, it will make you feel that some topics can not be addressed.
  • If you think he's not ready to hear some thingsyou have every right to tell him that you will explain to him when he is older. There is no question of telling him everything, everything depends on his maturity.
  • When answering one of his questions, do it as simply as possible by describing the situation and making assumptions. You can tell him, for example, if we remember the case of the homeless, that this gentleman in the street does not have a job, maybe because he is looking for it, that he has health concerns, that he is very lonely. Tell him that if he lives outside, it's because he does not have a house. No need to go beyond this description and complicate things by talking to him, for example, the effects of globalization!
  • Above all, do not criticize or judge. Your child is just waiting for explanations.

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