What promotes or disrupts baby nights

What promotes or disrupts baby nights

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Yes, it is possible to promote the installation of a good sleep at your toddler. Conversely, some of your reactions can disturb him ... The point on gestures that promote or disturb his sleep.

The gestures that favor his nights

YES... the landmarks that will help him

  • Some toddlers take time to distinguish between day and night. Their parents can help them. Shut the shutters, establish calm, avoid the noise, when the night arrives. On the contrary, when your baby sleeps the day, let in the daylight, go about your activities. The sounds will allow him to find his way.

YES... at bedtime at the first signs of falling asleep

  • "Your child yawns, sucks his thumb, rubs his eyes, squeezes his blanket, these signals indicate that it's time to put him to bed," advises Dr Eric Mullens, a somnologist. In late, we do not respect his sleep cycle, it is shifted, which may make him irritable, difficult to sleep.

YES... rituals to reassure him

  • A little lullaby, the lit night light, or some notes of his music box: a ritual creates a reassuring atmosphere and makes your child understand that the time to sleep has come. Then do not add: a kiss and hop, good night my angel and tomorrow morning "...

YES... at a moment of tenderness

  • Hug, massage, bath ... there is no magic recipe. What counts is this little moment of calm and sweetness that you share together in your room, away from the noise and the hustle and bustle.

The gestures that disturb his nights

NO... to the arms if he whines or whines during the night

  • "A child has the right to have a life in his sleep, to cry, to moan or even to play between two cycles before going back to sleep," says Dr. Eric Mullens. You do not want to get involved, otherwise you can not go back to sleep alone and get in the habit of asking your parents every hour and a half. "

NO... to the rocking or the habit of holding his hand to lull him to sleep

  • To make a full night, a baby must be able to fall asleep alone! If he gets used to having your presence, at each night awakening, he will look for you ... and cry until you come near him. Do not "let go" at bedtime is to convey the message that the night is dangerous and he can not face it alone.

NO... to a good bib 'for the night

  • This gesture starts from a good feeling, but it risks creating a habit that it can not do without. And adding flour to "stall" is not useful from a nutritional point of view.

Isabelle Gravillon, with the collaboration of Dr. Eric Mullens, somnologist.

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