Help ! He opened his forehead

Help ! He opened his forehead

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Ouch, the dreaded accident has just arrived ... this is your toddler screaming, his hand on his brow with blood. Quick, first aid, some reassuring words, a big hug!

Your child discovers the world ... and also its dangers! Falls, hematomas, some incidents are rather mild, but what parent did not panic when his child fall from the slide and get up front with blood. After the first emotion, it may be helpful to take him to see a doctor.

What is a wound?

  • When your child cuts himself, an emergency device is immediately put in place at the level of his skin. A first team, consisting of white blood cells, arrives on the lesion and undertakes to clean the damaged tissue. Help them in this task by washing the wound with soap and antiseptic. Then a second team of cells, the fibroblasts, will secrete collagen and participate in welding the edges of the wound. A scar tissue is put in place.

Superficial or deep wound, it is according to ...

  • If the wound is superficial, apply a simple dressing, That'll do. Healing will be done without suture.
  • In the event of a very bad wound on the surface, avoid occlusive dressings on the lesion. This will only aggravate the infection: it is necessary that all the damaged part can be eliminated. Bring the two banks together, if the wound is deep, using adhesive strips, for sale in a pharmacy. But it's not always easy to execute.
  • If in doubt about the severity of the injury, take your child to the doctor. He will judge whether or not some stitches are valid. Only an experienced practitioner can perform an intradermal overlock with a thread that takes only the thickness of the skin. The result is guaranteed: a straight suture line, thin, without visible points, which is likely to heal well. The threads will be removed after one week, after examination of the doctor.
  • Today there are surgical glues, whose application is painless, and which do not require anesthesia or son. Ask the doctor if your child can benefit from an adhesive glue rather than being sutured.

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